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  New Port Richey, FL


  Jerri Lynn


  Hannah, Leanna & Caleb

Spiritual Background:

  I became a believe in Jesus Christ in the fall 1993 at the age of 17. 

  I followed Jesus example and was Baptized in the spring 1995.

License and Ordination:

  Licensed '96

  Ordained '97

Personal Statement

I was saved at the age of seventeen (fall 1993) as a result of the influence of some Christian friends. I was raised in a non-Christian home. I had always been taught if I wanted to go to heaven, I needed to do more good works than bad. My friends cared enough to tell me the truth that salvation comes only through and by Jesus Christ. From the time I was baptized (spring 1995) I became more and more interested in the Lord’s work. I wanted to be involved in the work of the church. I began doing grounds work at the church, later taught a VBS class, and then became assistant superintendent of Sunday school. At the age of nineteen, four months after I married my wife and a few weeks after we learned we were expecting our first child, the Lord began dealing with my heart about preaching. Even though I felt inadequate and incapable, I surrendered shortly thereafter. As of March 3rd of 2011, I have been preaching His word for fifteen years. My wife and I have three children (all three have accepted Jesus and have been baptized). They are and always have been, I believe, my first and most important mission field. As they have grown, they have become, like my wife, a huge help in all that I am doing and a great asset to any ministry. I consider myself doctrinally sound and culturally relevant. I often say that we can change our methods of reaching people while holding onto the truth of God's word.



Quick Testimoy




Meet The Jaspers


Jason: Pastor, husband, dad, computer geek

Jerri: Jason's "right hand", home school mom, loves to read


 Hannah: oldest child, LOVES to read, a born leader, hopes to be a missionary one day


 Leanna: middle child, loves to cook, likes to read, takes care of people


Caleb: youngest child, always busy, enjoys Xbox, very positive person